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A major part of email analytics revolves around email campaigns and how to get the target audience hooked with your emails and eventually the product or service that’s offered. Email analytics helps the business owner pinpoint who opens the emails, when they’re likely to open it and even the device used in opening the email. When the data is effectively analyzed, the email campaign can be improved and before you know it the target audience will actually be eager for the daily updates. Of course another aspect is the email itself; the email has to be put together in a way that the recipient would actually want to read it and Campaign Monitor can provide their service for just that.

Attractive and Effective Emails

Campaign Monitor provides all sorts of service for their clients and that includes assistance in constructing an email; branded emails are customizable from colors to fonts and even the spacing between the sections. The programs are incredibly easy to use with the drag-and-drop features; feel free to design a unique email that matches the brand of the business. When they say complete customization, they mean it because you’ll be able to customize up into the pixel-level alongside specific fonts and colors; just don’t go overboard and clutter the email with tons of varying designs and ideas that don’t actually work well.

Because of the fact that users have different preference with the devices they use in accessing emails, it’s crucial that your emails are responsive which is exactly what Campaign Monitor did; all your emails will look great on any device. Aside from the logos, images and information that we typically see in emails, you can also seamlessly incorporate videos into all the emails. Not a single code is needed, just drag and drop the video of your choice.