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Go For Quality Wall Safes

Since not every one of us have bars of gold just lying around in the house, the actual valuables that we have usually consist of jewelry, legal documents and cash. You might be thinking of purchasing a safe to keep the valuables hidden and protected, so why not go for wall safes instead of the traditional bulky safes? Wall safes are definitely less noticeable compared to the big safes that we typically see; you won’t have to bend over and crouch down just to access the safe. Https:// has listed the best wall safes available.

Sentry Safe X055, Medium Digital Lock Security Safe

Investing in protection for the small things that we value the most should be a priority, everyone owns at least one thing that they can’t imagine being stolen or damaged. For that reason, Sentry Safe X055 has designed durable security safes for all of us who want to organize as well as protect our valuables. The Sentry Safe Security Safes were specifically designed and built to keep all sorts of jewelry, document, cash and valuables safe and hidden from burglary or theft.

The very body of the safe is made of solid steel, it has pry-resistant features alongside concealed hinges for an added layer of protection against any unauthorized entry; it earned an official certification from the California DOJ for handgun storage. For more reliable protection, it comes with 2 love-locking bolts. A carpeted floor was added to protect the valuable from being scratched, which you don’t want if you’re keeping jewelry safe.

To avoid any unauthorized removal from its place, the manufacturers have included a bolt down hardware. As for the combination to open the safe, owner can program their own alongside two override keys just to be sure that you’ll always have quick access to what’s inside.