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How Does a Swegway work?

Swegways are two-wheel self-balancing devices that transport individuals personally to anywhere they want to go. It’s almost the same as Segway but there are no handlebars attached to it. It works like a skateboard. However, the latest technology of the device allows the rider to ride on it without the need to move his or her feet. Mainly because the swegway moves and balances by itself. This awesome device makes it easier for individuals to move around without the mechanics and unwieldy weight of most vehicles.


The top speed of a swegway is around 12.5 mph and that is 2 up to 3 times faster than your average walking speed. You can use swegway for 2 hours within an hour you charged the batteries. In a sense, it is more cost-effective if you’re not going far than using cars that cost more in terms of electricity or gas. The decelerating or downhill travelling process can recharge the device. It can accommodate loads up to 10 pounds. Swegway does not take a lot of space. Its width is similar to the average shoulder width of a person. It has 3 performance settings, which are open environment setting, sidewalk operation, and beginner setting. This device does not have any steering wheel or engine. The brakes depend on the gravitational center of the person riding it.

How Does It Work?

Swegways only has 2 wheels, unlike cars. A person needs to lean accordingly in order for him or her to facilitate the backward and forward movement. If you want to go forward, lean slightly forward and the other way around if you want to go backward. The key factor that involves this device is balancing. In order for you to not fall, you need to balance when you lean backward or forward.