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Popular Athletic Greens Reviews

Since it is a fairly popular product, there are numerous Athletic Greens reviews available online from everyday users to proclaimed businesspeople, athletes and health enthusiast. Majority of the reviews lean towards the positive, which says a lot about the product. One of the most trusted reviews come from GreenDrinkReviews.Org, so what exactly do they say about Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens

A major factor that contributed to the popularity and affectivity of Athletic Greens is the sheer amount of ingredients that it contains. Not only does it pride itself with ingredients not found in similar products, but Athletic Greens also contain digestive enzymes alongside probiotics. Aside from that, it offers an outstanding amount of antioxidants and herbal ingredients. Of course a product of this quality has a price to match; some people find it a bit pricey, but that’s unusual since you are paying for quality.


You’d think that the ingredients of Athletic Greens would be the star of the pros section, but in fact it’s the taste. As you might have read from the ingredients, it contains a huge number of greens so you should expect a grassy flavour, right? Think again because that’s what sets Athletic Green apart; it actually tastes good, there’s a kind of sweetness to it that you can compare to chocolate but the healthy kind. The nutrition panel is also impressive with 233 mg of digestive enzymes on each serving alongside an equally impressive amount of probiotic formulas; Athletic greens offer nutirnets, energy and aid in the utilization of calories.


Compared to the reviews on the official website, the grams-per-serving cost is higher at GreenDrinkReviews.Org reviews; they are a premium product after all. As of now they dropped the product’s price from $97.00 to $77.00 if you’re a member of their loyalty program.