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Removing Late Payments

A credit score is made to foresee whether you will or you won’t make on-time payments. So, it is not shocking that your previous late payments would bring your scores to low. You will need to recreate your credit by on-time payment. However, it is possible to remove late payments from the credit reports.

Mistake or Accurate

When creditors report that you paid late or didn’t pay at all, late payments will appear in your credit report. It would be a lot more difficult and it would consume a lot of time to get the late payment removed from your report if it is accurate. If you are not lucky, it may not be even possible.

It is really easy to repair the error if the late payment is a mistake. You will have to file a dispute that explains there is an error and demand that it should be removed. Creditors are needed to fix errors. If they fail, it is a violation of the FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act). Repairing the error might take some weeks. However, you might accelerate the procedure if you use rapid rescoring. Paying for a quicker repair usually makes sense if you are in a huge transaction, such as a home purchase.

How to Remove Late Payments

You could still ask the creditors to get the late payments removed from your credit reports, even if it is accurate. They aren’t needed to do so. However, they might be willing to do the request, especially if you have a good relationship with them.

The easiest way is to simply ask the creditor to remove the late payment from the credit report you have. If it all goes well, the creditor would remove it from the source so that it will not come back again.