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The Best Wine Fridge According to Reviewers

Searching for the best wine fridge that can definitely change your life? Well, the EdgeStar CWF340DZ can provide you with just that. The quality wine fridge offers two cooling zones that make it perfect for people that want one unit to cool their red and white wines. How cool can it get? The lowest it can achieve is 41 degrees Fahrenheit, so all your sparkling wines can be served at the optimal temperature. Not only can it perform at a consistent rate but the appearance is also extremely classy; because of the stainless steel door, it fits well among other appliances.


Among the many features that the EdgeStar CWF340DZ offers, the best ones would be that it’s a free-standing, dual-zone wine fridge equipped with a compressor-type unit. Able to maintain temperatures from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit; there’s a single unit for all your reds and whites. Holding 34 standard-size bottles is an easy task for this wine fridge. Reviewers expressed that they were able to fit six standard-size bottles on every shelf located on the top section and five right across the lower section; the wine fridge can also accommodate the longer bottles and there’s a specific shelf that can hold bottles with wider circumferences

Because of the size of the wine fridge, it easily fits under the majority of counters but it was never really designed to be built-on. The EdgeStar CWF340DZ requires proper ventilation in order to work properly; this factor has to be taken into account when deciding for a place for the wine fridge. The slide-out shelves should survive regular usage, plus the wood trimmings make them all the more attractive compared to regular metal shelves. The unit does not have a lock but the ‘key’ to open it is a common hex shape; it’s quite effective in keeping out children.